01/04 McCONKEY

Almost 2 weeks late, but nobody noticed, right?? Shane McConkey papercraft, in the form of his alter ego, the god of big mountain snowlerblading, Saucerboy! Fuck yeah!
Comes with a bunch of super important big mountain equipment (kitchen utensils), his pro-model saucer, the snowblades you’ve always wanted, and a spare bottle of Jacks. Also includes a backcountry booter to launch any of your paperski figures off, and a smaller jump to pop them onto rails.

Click here to download PDF:


Instructions to make the kicker/s:

1: Should be pretty straight forward, just fold ‘er round. If you’re gluing this one, don’t cut of the tabs shown above with a red dot on them, glue them under the blue dots shown.

Instructions to make the saucer 3D (optional):

1: This has to be glued, it’s too small to make glueless. Cut along the straight lines, and pre-score/ fold along the dotted ones. Then put glue on the space marked with the red dot in the image above, and glue it under the spot marked with a blue spot. You might want to use pegs or pins to hold it in place while the glue dries.

Thanks to ghosthop on the on the TGR forums for the suggestion!

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