01/04 McCONKEY

Almost 2 weeks late, but nobody noticed, right?? Shane McConkey papercraft, in the form of his alter ego, the god of big mountain snowlerblading, Saucerboy! Fuck yeah!
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Henrik Harlaut freeski papercraft, now you can tear up urban XXXL style, just like in his segment back in Refresh! Set up the rail regular or with a brutal close-out, and hit it wearing a steezy paper jacket or just a Long-T! Continue reading

01/02 THOVEX

Candide Thovex Freeski papercraft, so you can pretend to go as big as him!
Includes old-school outerwear, skis, and adjustable flat or flat-down rail based on his historic Cork 810 to Rail!
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Tim Durtschi Freeski papercraft, inspired by his part in Everyday is a Saturday, including his tree jib feature, buttery skis, and hand-draggy arms! Continue reading