01/02 THOVEX

Candide Thovex Freeski papercraft, so you can pretend to go as big as him!
Includes old-school outerwear, skis, and adjustable flat or flat-down rail based on his historic Cork 810 to Rail!

Click here to download PDF:


Instructions to make the rail feature:

1: Cut out the two rails. Fold them into boxes, leaving the end parts (a) sticking out.
Remember that you don’t need all the tabs if you’re using glue, and to pre-score/mark everything to make it easier to fold!

2: To make an adjustable kink rail, stick/ glue the rails together at the bottom (c). At the top, slide the long piece at the end of the longer rail into the cut at the top of the short rail (b). Don’t use any glue, and you’ll be able to adjust the angle of the rails!
To make the kinks at the end of the rail, slot the narrow parts at (a) into the slots on the side of the rail. If you don’t use glue, these are adjustable as well.
Lastly, if you need support for the rails, cut out the four circles in the PDF and slot them under the rail.

You could also leave them as two separate rails, or print out more for a longer rail with more kinks, be my guest 😉

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