Henrik Harlaut freeski papercraft, now you can tear up urban XXXL style, just like in his segment back in Refresh! Set up the rail regular or with a brutal close-out, and hit it wearing a steezy paper jacket or just a Long-T!

Click here to download PDF:


Instructions to make the rail feature:

1: Cut out the two rails. Fold them into boxes, leaving the end tabs (circled) sticking out.
Stick the round supports to the bottom if you want. Remember to cut the slots into both ends of the taller rail before gluing it.

2: Slot the shorter rail into the taller, however you’d like. Print more for longer rail setups!

The jacket you should be able to figure out, but put the arms through the jacket before sticking them into the papercraft figure, otherwise it can be hard to get the jacket on.

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